Vietnam visa exemption in 2020

Vietnam offers visa exemptions to citizens holding a regular valid passports from 24 countries as mentioned below:

ASIA 1  Brunei Less than 14 days
2  Cambodia Less than 30 days
3  Indonesia Less than 30 days
4  Japan Temporarily Suspended
5  Kyrgyzstan Less than 30 days
6  Laos Less than 30 days
7  Malaysia Less than 30 days
8  Myanmar Less than 14 days
9  Philippines Less than 21 days
10  Singapore Less than 30 days
11  South Korea Temporarily Suspended
12  Thailand Less than 30 days
EUROPE 1  Belarus Temporarily Suspended
2  Denmark Temporarily Suspended
3  France Temporarily Suspended
4  Finland Temporarily Suspended
5  Germany Temporarily Suspended
6  Italy Temporarily Suspended
7  Norway Temporarily Suspended
8  Russia Temporarily Suspended
9  Spain Temporarily Suspended
10  Sweden Temporarily Suspended
11  United Kingdom Temporarily Suspended
SOUTH AMERICA 1  Chile Less than 90 days


Notes on visa exemptions:

  • As of Mar. 21, 2020, Vietnam has temporarily suspended visa exemptions for citizens from Belarus, Russia, and Japan.
  • Starting Mar. 8, 2020 Vietnam has temporarily suspended visa exemptions for citizens of the European Union, the United Kingdom, and as well as other countries with more than 500 cases or grow more than 50 cases a day.
  • As of Feb. 29, 2020 visa exemptions for South Koreans have temporarily suspended until further notice, and as of Mar. 2, 2020 visa exemptions for Italians will also be temporarily suspended.
  • The exemptions listed above for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belarus, Finland, Japan, South Korea, and Russia are valid until Dec. 31, 2022.
  • The exemptions listed above for the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy are valid until June 30, 2021.
  • Spouses or children of Vietnamese citizens are allowed to stay in the country without a visa for six months and must show papers proving their eligibility.



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